Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

first review

instead of gold tooths getaway i got the river heist. it's now my favorite agents set yet. all the functions work like the rockets bombs and spinner. the vechicles are great the figs are awesome, and the price is amazing. if you don't like agents this set will make you love it.
build 10/10 about 20 min
play value 10/10 awesome features
figs 10/10 dina-mite, dollar-bill, agent fuse are all sweet
money 10/10 $20 203 peices
stays together 10/10 very stable

buy yours today. here's a links to get yours now.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

looks ok see what nightshroud99 thinks

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

power miners 1

these are reviews of power miners sets by nightshroud99 i really want the crystal king set i might get and do a review on it

just a link to

you may put requests of sets you think i should do a review on. if i don't have the set i might get it if it's under $40. if i do end up getting the set i will honor you in the review. please send requests. i will try to do at least one. please put the request in the comments.
other toys

if you are wondering, no i don't get any other toys unless you count video games. i might do a review on the lego star wars video game. i have it for the wii, it's really fun. the only other toys i have had are transformers and hotwheels and yugioh trading cards. i don't get those any more. please comment.
lego agents 2.0 review 4

i want it really badly i will get it sometime nightshroud99 says its great look awesome please comment and say what you think of it
agents 2.0 review 3

i really want this set looks sweat nightshroud99 doesnt really like it just comment and give your thoughts on the set i will do a review on the set if i get it
maybe not the the y-wing

i might not do a review on the new y-wing. my first review will be on a smaller set. that review will be on the agents 2.0 set, gold tooths getaway. i also want to put some pics of the set too. i don't have it yet but i am going to get it soon.

lego lord of the rings

that's not true. lego castle is becoming more and more like it. they now have trolls/orcs? i call them orcs lego, calls them trolls. they also made dwarfs but in 2010 they are making elves and goblins. what the heck? i mean that will be awesome but lego is copping lord of the rings. why not just make lord of the rings sets? because the new hobbit movie is coming so they could make those sets. now is a good time but they would have to sign a deal with peter jackson and then they would need a lot of deals with other things so maybe not but we will see.
funny video

ok this video was made by of my some of my friends just watch and please comment

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


go to this site to see pics of new lego set and reviews of sets
lego agents 2.0 review 2

this set looks awesome nightshroud99 says its ok i will do a review on it in about less than a week mabee more well enjoy the video
legos 2010 

the lego line seems strong for 2010 with new products such as toy story prince of persia cars for duplo and ben 10 also lego rock band lego universe lego space and lego harry potter videogames
reviews at 

i also do reviews at 
there i am legorlp329 i have done about 7 reviews there i will only be posting reviews of sets on here now my first review will be on the new y-wing 
change of planes 

i was planing on making a lego clone trooper army well i am not going to end up doing that but i still am going to post lego star wars reviews on this site at some point in time for now i am going to be collecting lego agents sets or agents 2.0 so i am looking forward to doing those reviews and when i get all of them i will a agents stop motion movie look back for reviews coming soon
Lego Agents Review

this is a lego agents 2.0 review by nightshroud99 on the 4 wheeling pursuit for now i am going to post reviews of lego star wars but in short time i will be making
reviews of these agents 2.0 sets enjoy this video and watch more videos by nightshroud99

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lego Star Wars Review

ok this video was made by nightshroud99 who is one of my favrorite lego reviewers i will be posting his videos on this site

First Post

This is my first post for LegoLee's Reviews. Check back for reviews of Lego products and to see my custom Lego creations!