Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blog giveaway!!!

it's my first blog giveaway. the prize for winning is a lego star wars keychain! there is a picture on the right. how to enter? to enter this giveaway you must post a comment on this blog, and leave the comment on this post, you can say anything. if you are a follower of my blog and you enter this contest, or if you become a follower, i will enter you twice into the giveaway. 
the winner will be chosen by random slot, like i would draw names out of a hat, or something like that. this giveaway will go onto monday. october 5. i will not enter you if you are later then that. i will tell you who the winner is a special post, then the winner will send me an email 
at with your address. you don't have to be a follower to enter, but if you are you have a better chance at winning. please enter, and tell anyone you know who likes legos to enter! 


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

70th post preview

my next post is my 70th!!!!!!
 for this i am going to do my first blog giveaway! i will tell you how to enter on my next post. also i will tell you what the prize is! 

future reviews 

in the future i hope to start my lego castle reviews. i hope in three weeks, maybe less, maybe more, to get the lego castle dwarves mine. then if i get that i will get the lego castle drawbridge defense, dwarves mine defender, and kings battle chariot. so tell me if you think that sounds cool.


these are just links to holygrail903 and nightshroud99 youtube channels. go to them to see great lego reviews.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


no! if you are wandering, no! i am not a spoiled rich kid, i have to work for my money. i get an allowence, and i do extra work around the house. so no! i am not a spoiled rich kid.

new lego lines for 2010

lego atlantis, can't wait. lego ben10, looks cool. lego toy story, awesome! lego prince of persia, looks ok, it might be cool, looks like it will go well with the ambush in cairo set. lego games, cool, love the mini minifigs.

dwarves mine

want, want, want. i am going to get this next, well maybe.


go to this site and turn your sound up!


these are pics of the lego indiana jones ambush in cairo

10th review!-lego indiana jones ambush in cairo

great little set. cool pieces, but not much to say so now onto ratings

figs 10/10 new indy, new marion, cairo swordsman, and cairo thug are awesome
stays together 10/10 stays very well together
pieces 10/10 guns, sword, new barrel, apples, and the gold plate are sweet
build 7/10 very short, but fun, took about 4-5 minutes
play value 9/10 good play value for a small set
price 6/10 random price at $11, why not just make it $10

cool, awesome figs. next review [lego indiana jones venice canal chase]

this has been a lego indiana jones review by

60th post

i just wanted to tell you about what legos i want to get in the future. i am going to start my lego castle reviews. i don't have the sets to review yet, but i hope to get some soon. i would start off with either the dwarves mine or drawbridge defense. i have a thing to toysrus that if i buy a purchase of $50 or more i get $10 off. so i hope to earn money and buy some of that stuff.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

going to get next. it is the lego castle drawbridge defense

video made by holygrail903!


toysrus is having a buy 2 get the 3rd free. i don't know what i would want to get, but i will get stuff from there


go to this site to see and buy any legos you want

these are pics of the lego pirates survival!


go to this site to see anything about lego
lego review 9-pirates survival

good little set. i got it just to get free shipping. not much to say, now onto the ratings.
build 4/10 so easy, takes about 1 minute, took me like 30 seconds
stays together 10/10 nothing comes apart
pieces 10/10 very cool pieces, new flame, a fish, a snake, 2 crystals, a crate, a pickaxe, and a gun
figs 8/10 only one, but its cool
play value 7/10 not much, but it is very small
price 10/10 good price for what it is

awesome little set, next review[lego indiana jones ambush in cairo]

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Friday, September 25, 2009

shout out

this post is a big shout out to my followers, friends, or anyone who reads this blog! a big shout out to my moms blog! and a to legomaniac reviews and creations, you have got a awesome blog!
thanks to all!


these are pics of the mini v-19 torrent!

lego review 8:star wars mini v-19

great little set, its a lot bigger then i thought, but you can only get it of, so pick it up off there if you can, it didn,thave a box, just a bag. now lets get onto the ratings.

build 10/10 short but fun, you will be surprised, it's really big for what it is
figs 0/10 there are none, it is a mini model
price 10/10 $3.99 is perfect for this set
play value 7/10 not much but its a small set, i don't really care
stays together 8/10 the back wing falls off but it is an easy fix

love this set/ next review[lego pirates survival]

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

sorry guys:-[

the video didn't work out but i will get in some reviews
50th post preview

my next post is my 50th post. for it i am going to tell you my top ten best lego sets of all time are to me!!!!!!!!! look forward to that and tell me your favs
lego sets 2010 sets for 2010, the new power miners look sweet, i really want atlantis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i really like ben 10
lego review 7-indiana jones chauchilla cemetery battle

awesome set, very cool, lots of detail, i love the new motorbike, lots of stuff to play with, its very cool, and now on to some ratings.
build 10/10 great, fun build, it takes maybe 15-20 minutes, it took me like 15 minutes
stays together 8/10 it stays together well, but not the most stable set ever, it's a play set
figs 10/10 awesome figs, there great, love the cemetery warriors, and indy's new face
play value 10/10 so much to do i love it
value for money 9/10 good value, 187 for $19.99

good set i really like it
next review [lego star wars mini v-19 torrent]

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

lego review 6-bionicle agori raanu, i got it for free, again

at target they had a special deal. if you bought a glatorian bionicle, you get a free agori. so i got raanu, and he is awesome, now onto ratings.
build 8/10 short but fun
mask 10/10 awesome mask, i love it, it is brand new
figs 0/10 there are none
stay together 10/10 very stable all bionicles are
play value 6/10 not much to do but i still like it
value for money 10/10 $6 is a good price, but i got it for free

great little set, good bionicle starter
[next review: indiana jones-chauchilla cemetery battle]

this has been a lego bionicle review by
review 5 of bionicle set mata nui

this set is great! i love it! the weapons are sweet, the mask is awesome. i love it. i love lego bionicle and this is one of the best! for bionicle reviews i will do another rating on the mask but this is just for bionicle. now on to the ratings!
build 10/10 short about 5-10 minutes but it's a fun build
stays together 10/10 very stable i love it
mask 13/10 crazy rating, i know but the mask is really new and it looks awesome on him
figs 0/10 i gave it that because there are none
play value 10/10 lots of things to do with this set, it's over 8 inches tall
value for money 10/10 $12.99 and only 52 pieces doesn't seem like much, but it's a bionicle, they always cost more
next review: bionicle agori raanu

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

these are pics of the city builder!

i got it for free !

this a review of the lego city builder. i know i said i would not start my new reviews until thursday but my mom let me open it early. i have never have been a huge lego city fan but i
really like this set. if you order something worth $75 or more you get a free one of these sets
so if you want stuff off lego you should order from there soon, the offer ends some time in october. well now on to some ratings.
build 7/10 it's very short, if you're good at building legos it takes about 1-2 minutes
figs 9/10 only one, but it's cool
stays together 10/10 very stable for a small set
play value 10/10 wow! lots of play value for such a small set
price 8/10 pieces 23 for $3.49 is not that much of a high price, but there's not that much, well i can't really judge the price because i got it for free!!!!!!!!!!

great little set, i will be posting some pics of it soon
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Monday, September 21, 2009

lego atlantis is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
atlantis this is a video showing all the new lego atlantis set. i can't wait, they look awesome , i want all of them. they will come out in at the beginning of 2010, but stores will get them about three weeks before christmas. so we have to wait a while but i don't really care. it would be awesome to have them now but we can wait. in other news, i got my package from lego,
everything was there plus they gave me a free lego city builder so 1 more review coming your
way. the reviews will start on thursday so look forward to them. after i do that i will start my castle collection by getting the dwarves mine defender in about a week or so. i will post pics of a custom i made. well there's nothing much else to talk about, sorry that i had not posted anything, and the count down continues till my 50th post.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

legos on their way

my lego order has shipped. i hope to get them around next wednesday. i won't build them all in the same day. i really don't know what order i will build them so we will see. the count down continues, my 50th post is in nine posts i think so look forward to that, if you want to know what it's about look at some older posts to see. after i get the sets i might get fighter plane attack or start on my castle reviews. i am going to do my first star wars review on the mini v-19 i ordered, but unless i get over five followers i won't do any others. the castle sets i want to get are
those are links to see those sets.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

no video 

in couple of posts back it says first video. i made a video but hated it and took it off. in the future i will be making videos of customs, and video reviews. my next video will either be on a review or 50th post special. 
upcoming reviews

i ordered from some sets. i going to review in order from smallest to largest. the sets i got were the pirates survival, the mini v-19 torrent, ambush in cairo, cemetery battle, and the venice canal chase. i can't wait to get them and you look forward to those reviews.


Monday, September 14, 2009

50th post

in 13 posts in the future i will be on my 50th post. it's going to be special and because of that i will do a video on my top ten favorite lego figs i have.


Friday, September 11, 2009

no more video just news

indiana jones

coming in like a week or two there will be a review of the lego indiana jones sets, either some of the smaller ones or the huge temple of doom set. i will order it from so be looking forward to those reviews.

big news

there won't be a review for about 2 weeks but in that time i'm going to work to get money to order from the max security transport and hyperspeed pursuit and i will also get the mini v-19 torrent so be patient and wait for those reviews. my mind might be changed by then but we will see.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

upcoming reviews

i still am in the space police section and i am going from the bottom up. i hope these are the cheapest sets: space speeder/k9-bot/squidmans escape/freeze ray frenzy.

these are more pictures of the space truck getaway. click on this to see a bigger picture of the space police officer. one picture shows extra pieces.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

these are pictures of the space truck getaway. i will put more pics later but these are good for now.
review 3

i got the lego space police space truck getaway instead of the other set and i love it. it's a great set. it's huge and it has a lot of stuff to play with.
figs 10/10 awesome figs the alien is sweet he only has one eye
build 10/10 fun build, not too hard, has numbererd bags
stays together 9/1o the back walls are a little flimsy but it's easy to fix, i don't mind
play value 10/10 lots of things to play with like the turning laser cannon
money 10/10 great value 282 pieces $30

great set my favorite space police

Monday, September 7, 2009

these are pictures of my lego uss enterprise a custom of mine. tell me if you think it looks good and if it looks like the enterprise itself by the way this is the enterprise a.

these are pictures of my lego star wars clone army i have 4 jedi, 4 clones, 1 clone pilot, 2 jet clones, 2 scout troopers, cmdr cody, and two endor rebel troopers.

these are pictures of my custom lego borg fig.
if you are a star trek fan you should know what the borg is. i got the head from the lego agents volcano base. please tell me if you think the fig looks like a borg. i will post pics of my enterprise as well. (my enterprise is mini, not big.)
upcoming reviews

i still am going to get some power miners, but on youtube i saw some reviews of sets that i want to get. these sets come from the new lego theme called space police. the first one i want to get (here's a link to see it space police 1) is called the max security transport. then i will start from the bottom and get the sets in order of price. i won't be getting gold heist because i already have it and it wasn't that good. i won't do a review on it but the others i will be getting. i might not get squidmans pitstop but we will see.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

fire brigade

this is a new set at looks cool. i won't get it unless i get the money.
at lego shop at home they have free shipping for a purchase of $75 or more. i probably won't get anything from there but we will see. my next set is going to be the crystal king. i might get him in a week or so look for that.
new set at 

lego atlantis: if this is real it is going to be awesome. this video shows a picture of one of
the sets. if this is real it would come out in january. the video is made by lego news and views.

Friday, September 4, 2009

these are pics of the rock wrecker. one picture is not that good but it shows the coffee maker. one picture shows a power miner on top of a rock monster. see how big the monster is compared to the miner.