Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Down With The Minifigures Episode 1 Script!

The Skater is skate boarding around the house and try to jump up on the table but fails and breaks his arm! The Cowboy and Ninja are watching!
Skater- "Aww Man, I think i broke my arm!"
Cowboy- "Wow Skater, In the first episode the Director Already hurt you!"
Skater- "Yeah man, I know dude what your saying, does he have anything against Skaters!"
Cowboy- "Just watch the Skater review! Just Click on the Skater to see a review right now!"
Ninja- "I will call the nurse!"
Ninja pulls out a phone and calls the nurse! 
The Nurse Picks up- "Hello! Who is this?"
Ninja- "It is I, Ninja!"
Nurse- "Why Ninja are you calling me when i live 20 feet away from you?"
Ninja- "Because Skater Broke his arm!"
Nurse- "Oh My Gosh, already, In the first episode?"
Ninja- "Yeah, it was epic you should have been here to............... (Skater Interupts)
Skater- "Hey Ninja Just get her over here now!!"
Ninja- "Alright I will!'' 
Nurse- "Ninja who was that talking in the background!"
Ninja- "It was Skater, He needs you over here right now!"
Nurse- "Alright I will be over there As soon as I can!"
Ninja- "Alright But Hurry, He seems to be in great Pain!"
Nurse- "Alright, just need to grab a wight Lego arm that will look like a cast when I put it on Skater, Haha clever right!" 
Ninja- "Um, I don't get it, the writer of this script really stinks sometimes!"
Nurse- "Yeah, he makes me saying such stupid lines! Well I will be over there in just a minute or so!"
The Nurse Grabs the wight arm and walks out her house and walks down the side walk to Ninjas house!
The Nurse Rings the door bell!
The Cowboy opens the door!
Nurse- "Thanks For Opening the Door, Where is skater?"
Cowboy- "Um there in the other room!"
Nurse- "Okay Thanks, which room?"
Cowboy- "Over in the upper  right hand corner!"
Nurse- "Alright Thanks!"
The Nurse Rushes into the other room!
She enters the room!
Skater- "So Nurse, what are you going to do!"
Nurse- "I Am Going to rip the arm your wearing right now and replace it with this one!"
Skater- "That Sounds painful!"
Nurse- "No not at all, your a piece of plastic, you feel no pain!"
Skater- "Oh Yeah, I forgot!"
The Nurse takes Off Skaters old arm out and puts in the new one!
Skater- "Wow Man that feels like so much Better, But now this wight arm doesn't match my shirt!"
Nurse- "Its All right, soon we can take off the new arm and put another new arm in to replace the old arm! But we are going to leave that arm in for a few more episodes because the director wants it to look very realistic to a real broken arm!"
Skater- "I have no idea what you just said, but whatever, Im cool with it!
Nurse- "Yeah, so I will put this arm in a special place where it will never...............!"(Ninja Bumps In!) 
Ninja- "Sorry to bump in, but we have a time limit on this show, so thats all for this week folks, tune in next time for a brand new episode!"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kingdoms Scene 6 Script

Characters-Robin Hood
                     Sir Gregory 
                     Guards 1+2 
                     Sir John 

Robin Hood and Sir Gregory are riding back to the castle upon there horses! They are about 1 hour riding distance when it starts to get dark! Gregory and Robin build a small camp and light a campfire and start drinking bear around it! As soon as they can recall both of them wake up and time seemed to get away from them because it is almost noon!
Robin Hood- "Ah
 Gregory, it seems we've let time slip away!"
Sir Gregory- "Indeed we have!"
Robin Hood- "Well, I few bears cant hurt us, we best be on our way back to the castle!"
Robin Hood and Sir Gregory pack up there camp and climb back upon there horses and they start off back towards the castle!
Robin Hood- "A Mate it is just right over them hill here!"(Robin Hood Points at the Hill!)
Sir Gregory- "Yeah, the king best be a waiting for us!"
They get strait over the hill but in bad sight! There castle had been ambushed! It had holes in the wall and many knights where dead!
Robin Hood- "How could they find the castle, its way out of there maps reach!"
Sir Gregory being a very smart and skill full Knight thinks back if there was any way they could have gave a clue of where it was!
Sir Gregory- "Ah! I know now! Robin Do remember yesterday when the homeless farmer came to us?"
Robin Hood- "Yeah, I do, but what are you saying?"
Sir Gregory- "Robin he asked for food, and we gave him some apples and berries!"
Robin Hood- "So! What's that to do with anything!"
Sir Gregory- "Robin what animals did he have with him!"
Robin Hood- "Uh I  think two pigs and a dog!"
Sir Gregory- "It all makes sense now! The dog he had! Thats how he found the castle!"
Robin Hood- "How?"
Sir Gregory- "He let the dog smell the apple and berries and it picked up on the sent and sense it was from are castle he sniffed it's way to us!"
Robin Hood- "So we are the ones who cause this to happen?"
Sir Gregory- "Yes Robin, thats exactly what Im saying!"
Robin Hood- "Then we best go see all that has been done!" 
They Ride down the hill to come upon the castles gate!
Sir Gregory- "Guards are you still alive?"
Guard 1- "Yes we are, the Dragon Knights invaded while you were gone, they didn't stay though, the only thing they took was the king!"
Robin Hood- "They didn't want to siege the castle, all they want is our army to go and rescue King Longsleed, I bet you a pound they have something terrible in stored for us!"
Guard 2- "Your Right, I don't know much, but whatever weapons they were using were Damn powerful!"
Sir John walks though the gate to the out side, he is missing his left arm!
Sir Gregory- "John, your arm!"
Sir John- "Don't mind that Greg, its not all that matters, what matters is we need to regroup all the Knights still alive inside the castle and make a plan to siege the Dragons!"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kingdoms Scene 5 Script

Characters- Sir Gregory
                      Robin Hood
                      Molgroth's Servant/homeless farmer

Sir Gregory and Robin Hood are riding on there horses to the castle. On their way they run upon a what appears to be a homeless man with a few animal!
Homeless Farmer- "do you have anything for the homeless great knights?"
Sir Gregory- "All I have to give is a small apple and a few berries!"
Robin Hood- "Come on Greg, give the poor man them, we are only a fews hours away from the castle so please give him some!"
Sir Gregory- "alright but just one of each!"
homeless farmer- "God Bless you great knight!"
Sir Gregory- "Well Robin we best be on our way, now to you my little friend you'd best make fancy of them fruit I've gave you there, its not much but the finest from the kings castle!"
Robin Hood and Sir Gregory go away on there Horses while the homeless farmer whispers to himself- "ces fous m'a donne' exactement ce dont j'avais besoin........" (those fools gave me exactly what I needed!" 
the homeless farmer then takes off his cloak and shows that he is working for Molgroth the Dark Wizard!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kingdoms Scene 4 Script

Characters-Robin Hood
                     Sir John
                     Dark Wizard Molgroth
                     Random Dragon Warrior

The Evil Dark Wizard Molgroth has kidnapped Sir John and Robin Hood is coming to save him!
Molgroth- "Hé, nous avons capturé le puissant Sir John"(hey we have captured the mighty Sir John!"
Sir John-"Just wait until some comes to find me!"
Dragon Warrior-"Comme cela se produira, on ne sait que nous vivons ici!"(Like that will happen, know one know we live here!"
Robin Hood is standing in the door way when a lightning blot strikes and he says-"Besides Me!"
Molgroth-"Ah, Robin Hood, bon de vous revoir vieil ami, mais je dois quitter un si court préavis!"(Ah, Robin Hood, good to see you again old friend, but I have to leave on such short notice!)
Robin Hood-"I don't think so!"
Robin Hood pulls out his bow and shoots it at Molgroth but the Dragon Warrior some gets hit instead while Molgroth is gone!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Kingdoms Scene 3 Script

Characters- Dragon Knight-Franis
                      Dragon Knight-Louis 
                      Dragon Knight-Le Alec
                      Dragon Knight Fighter 1, 2, 3

The Dragons Knights are all around a table talking about what to do against the Lion Knights!
Francis- "O'u est Le Alec?"(Where is Le Alec?)
Louis- "Je faire pas savoir?"(I do not know?)
Franis- "Il besoins a' obtenir ici rapidement!"(He needs to get here quickly!)
Le Alec walks through the door
Le Alec- "Aucun besoin a' inquie'tude, Im dos maintenant!" (No need to worry, Im back now!")
Dragons Knight Fighters 1. 2,3- "Grand, nous, peut aller le Lion Chevaliers!"(Great! we can go fight the Lion Knights!)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Kingdoms Scene 2 Script

Characters-Sir John
                     Sir Gregory 
                     Sir York 
                     Random Dragon Knight
                     Robin Hood

One dark, cold, and rainy night Sir John is returning from a mission with Sir York. They walk up closer to the gates of the castle and a man in a hood walks up to them! The man pulls down his hood and it turns out to be Sir Gregory!
Sir John- "Haha mate I was worried there for a second that you were a Dragon Knight!"
Sir Gregory- "Haha its all good here!"
Sir John- "Cant believe mate that you stood out here in this dismal weather!"
Sir Gregory- "It's no problem Im used to these kinds of things, growing up on the streets it was not always the greatest weather out there!"
Sir York- "Well mate me a John here are used to warm climates in doors! We couldn't care less about what you grew up in, none of that bloody maters now!"
Sir John- " York! I cant believe you just said that! Unless you want to be kicked off the team.......!" 
Sir Gregory Cuts in- "John, let him say what he wish, and he's right, it doesn't mater now!"
They all here a tumble in the background! Then a Knight jumps out of no where and throws a spear into york chest! The Knight Starts to run but Robin Hood who is waiting On the tower snipes him down with an arrow!
Sir Gregory- "YORK! Are you okay!"
Sir York- "It was about time this happend! I was useless to the teams anyways!"
Sir Gregory- "York, is that really what you believe!"
Sir York- "I don't pity you for growing up in the streets, its made you a much better knight than all of us!"
Sir Gregory- "York, you'll always be a great Knight!"
Sir York doesn't reply, Sir York is dead!!!
Sir Gregory Screams!- "York!!!!!!!!"
Sir John Walks up with the body of the killer in his hands!
Sir John- "Oh it happens to be a Dragon Knight alright!
Sir John drops the dead body! 
Sir John- "oh, did he die!"
Sir Gregory- "sadly so...."
Sir John- "York, you will be cherish in our hearts forever!"


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kingdoms Scene 1 Script!

Characters-Sir Gregory 
                     Sir Simon
                     Sir John
                     Sir Marcus 
                     Sir Dracus 
                     Sir York
                     Robin Hood

All of the Knights are sitting around the table Drinking bear!
Sir John- " Well mates I think I have found the man who can make this murder right!"
Sir Simon- "Are you sure John? I have heard nasty things about this guy!"
Sir Marcus- "Simon don't worry, who cares if the guy has a long outlaw record!"
Sir York- " You didn't Say anything about him an outlaw!" 
Sir John- "Come on Mates it doesn't matter, as long as he will do his job and does it right we will be fine!" 
Sir Gregory- " He's right you know, this guy is one of the best in his age!"
Sir Dracus- "But he's a bloody outlaw, how do you think we can deal with it!"
Robin Hood Enters through the door!
Robin Hood- " You'll be fine with me, I can almost promise I will do my best to kill this man."
Sir Dracus- "You can almost promise that you will kill him! But what if you fail and he finds out that we are the ones who sent you! We cant get with in 20 meters of that man or he will kill us!"
Sir John- " Sorry mate, thats not something they teach at our schools!"
Robin Hood- " Then What kind of bloody schools do you go to!"
Sir Dracus- " Just an Old Knights Academy sir......"
Robin Hood- " Well thats just not good is it, So i guess all be doing all the work here then! See you Knights whenever this needs to start!"
Robin Walks out the dour and slams it behind him!