Saturday, October 24, 2009

youtube channel

i now have a youtube channel! go on the right and where it says youtube pages, click on the one that says"legolee329 (my own) !

Thursday, October 22, 2009


sorry guys, i have not been blogging lately. i got the bionicle's glatorian's vastus, and kiina. so those reviews will be out shortly!

Friday, October 16, 2009

one more time!

here are some pics of lego ben 10, if there not there, i don't know why?41XDWtRATyL._AA280_.jpg51Qieu5RD8L._AA280_.jpg

cool video!

all credit goes to legomatiostudio, the best lego reviewer on youtube! he is the one who made me what more bionicle! here is just one of his videos. watch the whole video!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

100th post preview

watch this video to see what i am reviewing for my 100th post!

nothing to do with lego!

star trek is one of my fav movies, and heres the music from the begining!">

dont know why?

star is way better than the dark knight

kfc is better than bojangles, and better for you!

me and my friends at school argue about this at school every day at lunch, and i'm really the only who likes these 2 better than the other 2. do you think the dark knight is over rated?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

try this again

ok this is a pick of all the lego ben 10 set together. the sets they have are
1. jet ray, 16 pieces 
2. swamp fire, 21 pieces
3. humongisaur, 14 pieces 
4. big chill, 21 pieces 
5. chromastone, 21 pieces 
6. my fav, spider monkey, 21 pieces 
they all cost $17.99 =( , but i will still get some 

ben.jpg  if these pieces can be use for bionicles that will be awesome, and i will get all of them =), if not, i really don,t care, there really awesome. sorry if the picture not there, they just disappear? i cant wait till these come out, there not as cool as toy story, but they look like a new twist to lego+=)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


=( ps. i replaced the periods with sad faces like this)=the pictures for some reason just disappeared=( i don't know why but they're gone=( if you know why, please tell me=( the pictures were on my last 4 posts and only one is left=( so if you know, tell me, i am not that good with computers=(



  1. toy-story-lego-minifig1.jpg I have been chosen, farewell my friends, I'm off to a better place now!
  2. 3748978936_1c1f5eb44b.jpg      he has been chosen, he must gooooo!

Monday, October 12, 2009

lego atlantis pic


sweet! lego is making another underwater theme, and it looks better than 2007's aquaraiders i really like the color scheme. this set here is going to cost $16.99, odd, but good price it seems.


bionicle stars!






0.jpgwow this is really sweet, like i said i wanted to start a bionicle collection, in like 2 months these are going to be added. and the price is only $7.99, yeah thats right the cheaper prices are back, they mite be small, but there cheap! all the gold pieces you see are extra armor you can all put on tahu! and yes the return of my fav, TAHU! Wow! i cant wait, but we dont have to wait that long.

tell me which one you like the most.



lego toy story



See full size image





awesome, legos made off of the greatest animated movie of all time[well thats what i think] !!!!!!!!




every month from now on there will be 1 or 2 polls. these polls will let you vote on thing about legos, like this poll is about is about "what new lego product are you most wanting?" this time there are 5 answers, but other times there could be more or less then that. the poll should be to the to the right -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
if not i really don"t know were it is? so vote. how to vote? to vote you click on the answer you want to vote for, well really you click on the bubble to the left of it. then at the bottom below the answers click on the thing that says "vote" and it will enter your vote. check it out, and please vote! 


cool blog
i don't whose blog this is but its a good blog, very fun to read, and some reviews, its just great! who new there are that many bionicle fans out there, even with blogs, WOW!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

future plans

you guys want to know what i want to get? well i want.......................................

BIONICLE! i will star with the glatorian legends, then some of the vechicles, and toa mata nui!
one of my new blogs. well in like 18 posts is my 100th post, WOW! cant wait special review!


12th review {i think]

lego castle review-kings castle siege!

one of the best sets i have! it is so awesome. and guess what, the real price is $100 but i got this set for $75, wow, wow, wow! sorry for the delay on a review but i was saving up to get this! now onto ratings! 
build 10/10 long like 2 hours for me, but not very hard, the set had over 20 bags! WOW!
figs 10/10 you get 10! yes i mean 1o! plus a dragon! 4 skeletons, 5 knights, a black and red dragon, plus the king! WOW!
play value 10/10 so many things you can do with it! WOW!
pieces 10/10 973 pieces is a heck of a lot, and lots of them are really cool! WOW!
stays together 8/10 well because its so big, its hard to move. but the sections can come apart! some what WOW!
price 10/10 i got mine for $75 but $1oo is still a great price for this set! WOW!

great, i mean one of the greatest sets of all time! next review {bionicle glatorian vastus[i hope=] or just what ever i get}

this has been a lego castle review by 
LegoLee! WOW!

Friday, October 9, 2009

lego ben 10!

awesome, go on this link and scroll down to you see links to amazon to pre order the ben 1o sets

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

legomanaic!!!!!!!! i need that email

Monday, October 5, 2009

giveaway results

Drum roll! it's the results of blog giveaway! the winner was drawn at random out of a hat, well really a hat. every one whom entered had the same chance of winning, because all of you were my followers. and the winner is....................................................


ok legomaniac, to get your special prize please send me an email at! send your address and i will ship you your prize!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

new legos pics 2010!


giveaway update

the blog giveaway ends monday, be quick to enter! tell anyone you know who loves lego's!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

review 11

sorry for the delay, but here it is, the lego indiana jones venice canal chase review!
the last crusade is the best indiana jones movie {i think}, and this is one of the best parts of the movie. well now onto ratings, and don"t forget my giveaway ends on monday, but i might make you have a little more time to enter.
build 10/10 fun, had numbered bags
figs 10/10 all new, indiana's new suit, german girl, and the thugs
pieces 10/10 rat, fez's, blank heads on the poles
play value 10/10 all the stuff really just blows up!
stays together 10/10 very stable, unless you drop it
price 10/10 $40 is perfect for this set, it has 420 pieces

great set, very cool. next review{?}
this has been a lego indiana jones review by

Friday, October 2, 2009


new lego power miners set. guys just to let you know its back, i am adding to my collection of lego power miners! starting off with this brand new set the cave crusher! my contest is still going on, please enter. big news, i have 10, i mean 10 followers! wow! never thought i would have so many. wow! wow! thanks to all my followers and any one whom reads this blog!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

as i want to start a lego castle collection, i made a custom prince fig to go along with the king and queen. tell me what you think. please enter my giveaway two posts back.


watch this video!

great stop motion. please check out my 70th post giveaway, and see how to enter!