Sunday, October 11, 2009

12th review {i think]

lego castle review-kings castle siege!

one of the best sets i have! it is so awesome. and guess what, the real price is $100 but i got this set for $75, wow, wow, wow! sorry for the delay on a review but i was saving up to get this! now onto ratings! 
build 10/10 long like 2 hours for me, but not very hard, the set had over 20 bags! WOW!
figs 10/10 you get 10! yes i mean 1o! plus a dragon! 4 skeletons, 5 knights, a black and red dragon, plus the king! WOW!
play value 10/10 so many things you can do with it! WOW!
pieces 10/10 973 pieces is a heck of a lot, and lots of them are really cool! WOW!
stays together 8/10 well because its so big, its hard to move. but the sections can come apart! some what WOW!
price 10/10 i got mine for $75 but $1oo is still a great price for this set! WOW!

great, i mean one of the greatest sets of all time! next review {bionicle glatorian vastus[i hope=] or just what ever i get}

this has been a lego castle review by 
LegoLee! WOW!

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