Wednesday, October 14, 2009

try this again

ok this is a pick of all the lego ben 10 set together. the sets they have are
1. jet ray, 16 pieces 
2. swamp fire, 21 pieces
3. humongisaur, 14 pieces 
4. big chill, 21 pieces 
5. chromastone, 21 pieces 
6. my fav, spider monkey, 21 pieces 
they all cost $17.99 =( , but i will still get some 

ben.jpg  if these pieces can be use for bionicles that will be awesome, and i will get all of them =), if not, i really don,t care, there really awesome. sorry if the picture not there, they just disappear? i cant wait till these come out, there not as cool as toy story, but they look like a new twist to lego+=)

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