Wednesday, September 23, 2009

review 5 of bionicle set mata nui

this set is great! i love it! the weapons are sweet, the mask is awesome. i love it. i love lego bionicle and this is one of the best! for bionicle reviews i will do another rating on the mask but this is just for bionicle. now on to the ratings!
build 10/10 short about 5-10 minutes but it's a fun build
stays together 10/10 very stable i love it
mask 13/10 crazy rating, i know but the mask is really new and it looks awesome on him
figs 0/10 i gave it that because there are none
play value 10/10 lots of things to do with this set, it's over 8 inches tall
value for money 10/10 $12.99 and only 52 pieces doesn't seem like much, but it's a bionicle, they always cost more
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