Friday, September 4, 2009

i got the rock wrecker and it's awesome. one of the best sets ever. the figs are awesome, the rock monster is huge, 8 blades spin at once. it's a great set.

figs 10/10 awesome figs could have included another miner but that's ok
build 10/10 fun build not that hard but it takes 30 minutes at least for me
stays together 10/1o it is very stable
play value 10/10 so many things to play with on this set in the cockpit there is a coffee maker
money 10/10 $35 doesn't seem like a great deal but it has so many cool things like the blades, giant wheels, and huge monster. it's worth $35, but $30 dollars would have been even better.

here is a link to get yours today and i will be posting some pictures of the set

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  1. Hey Lee! Cool blog!! and Great reviews! You sure know your Legos. Keep up the good work!!