Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i got it for free !

this a review of the lego city builder. i know i said i would not start my new reviews until thursday but my mom let me open it early. i have never have been a huge lego city fan but i
really like this set. if you order something worth $75 or more you get a free one of these sets
so if you want stuff off lego you should order from there soon, the offer ends some time in october. well now on to some ratings.
build 7/10 it's very short, if you're good at building legos it takes about 1-2 minutes
figs 9/10 only one, but it's cool
stays together 10/10 very stable for a small set
play value 10/10 wow! lots of play value for such a small set
price 8/10 pieces 23 for $3.49 is not that much of a high price, but there's not that much, well i can't really judge the price because i got it for free!!!!!!!!!!

great little set, i will be posting some pics of it soon
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  1. I like your blog Lee! I'll show it to Mark. He's asleep now.