Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kingdoms Scene 1 Script!

Characters-Sir Gregory 
                     Sir Simon
                     Sir John
                     Sir Marcus 
                     Sir Dracus 
                     Sir York
                     Robin Hood

All of the Knights are sitting around the table Drinking bear!
Sir John- " Well mates I think I have found the man who can make this murder right!"
Sir Simon- "Are you sure John? I have heard nasty things about this guy!"
Sir Marcus- "Simon don't worry, who cares if the guy has a long outlaw record!"
Sir York- " You didn't Say anything about him an outlaw!" 
Sir John- "Come on Mates it doesn't matter, as long as he will do his job and does it right we will be fine!" 
Sir Gregory- " He's right you know, this guy is one of the best in his age!"
Sir Dracus- "But he's a bloody outlaw, how do you think we can deal with it!"
Robin Hood Enters through the door!
Robin Hood- " You'll be fine with me, I can almost promise I will do my best to kill this man."
Sir Dracus- "You can almost promise that you will kill him! But what if you fail and he finds out that we are the ones who sent you! We cant get with in 20 meters of that man or he will kill us!"
Sir John- " Sorry mate, thats not something they teach at our schools!"
Robin Hood- " Then What kind of bloody schools do you go to!"
Sir Dracus- " Just an Old Knights Academy sir......"
Robin Hood- " Well thats just not good is it, So i guess all be doing all the work here then! See you Knights whenever this needs to start!"
Robin Walks out the dour and slams it behind him!

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