Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kingdoms Scene 5 Script

Characters- Sir Gregory
                      Robin Hood
                      Molgroth's Servant/homeless farmer

Sir Gregory and Robin Hood are riding on there horses to the castle. On their way they run upon a what appears to be a homeless man with a few animal!
Homeless Farmer- "do you have anything for the homeless great knights?"
Sir Gregory- "All I have to give is a small apple and a few berries!"
Robin Hood- "Come on Greg, give the poor man them, we are only a fews hours away from the castle so please give him some!"
Sir Gregory- "alright but just one of each!"
homeless farmer- "God Bless you great knight!"
Sir Gregory- "Well Robin we best be on our way, now to you my little friend you'd best make fancy of them fruit I've gave you there, its not much but the finest from the kings castle!"
Robin Hood and Sir Gregory go away on there Horses while the homeless farmer whispers to himself- "ces fous m'a donne' exactement ce dont j'avais besoin........" (those fools gave me exactly what I needed!" 
the homeless farmer then takes off his cloak and shows that he is working for Molgroth the Dark Wizard!

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