Monday, June 7, 2010

Kingdoms Scene 3 Script

Characters- Dragon Knight-Franis
                      Dragon Knight-Louis 
                      Dragon Knight-Le Alec
                      Dragon Knight Fighter 1, 2, 3

The Dragons Knights are all around a table talking about what to do against the Lion Knights!
Francis- "O'u est Le Alec?"(Where is Le Alec?)
Louis- "Je faire pas savoir?"(I do not know?)
Franis- "Il besoins a' obtenir ici rapidement!"(He needs to get here quickly!)
Le Alec walks through the door
Le Alec- "Aucun besoin a' inquie'tude, Im dos maintenant!" (No need to worry, Im back now!")
Dragons Knight Fighters 1. 2,3- "Grand, nous, peut aller le Lion Chevaliers!"(Great! we can go fight the Lion Knights!)

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