Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kingdoms Scene 4 Script

Characters-Robin Hood
                     Sir John
                     Dark Wizard Molgroth
                     Random Dragon Warrior

The Evil Dark Wizard Molgroth has kidnapped Sir John and Robin Hood is coming to save him!
Molgroth- "Hé, nous avons capturé le puissant Sir John"(hey we have captured the mighty Sir John!"
Sir John-"Just wait until some comes to find me!"
Dragon Warrior-"Comme cela se produira, on ne sait que nous vivons ici!"(Like that will happen, know one know we live here!"
Robin Hood is standing in the door way when a lightning blot strikes and he says-"Besides Me!"
Molgroth-"Ah, Robin Hood, bon de vous revoir vieil ami, mais je dois quitter un si court préavis!"(Ah, Robin Hood, good to see you again old friend, but I have to leave on such short notice!)
Robin Hood-"I don't think so!"
Robin Hood pulls out his bow and shoots it at Molgroth but the Dragon Warrior some gets hit instead while Molgroth is gone!

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