Friday, June 4, 2010

Kingdoms Scene 2 Script

Characters-Sir John
                     Sir Gregory 
                     Sir York 
                     Random Dragon Knight
                     Robin Hood

One dark, cold, and rainy night Sir John is returning from a mission with Sir York. They walk up closer to the gates of the castle and a man in a hood walks up to them! The man pulls down his hood and it turns out to be Sir Gregory!
Sir John- "Haha mate I was worried there for a second that you were a Dragon Knight!"
Sir Gregory- "Haha its all good here!"
Sir John- "Cant believe mate that you stood out here in this dismal weather!"
Sir Gregory- "It's no problem Im used to these kinds of things, growing up on the streets it was not always the greatest weather out there!"
Sir York- "Well mate me a John here are used to warm climates in doors! We couldn't care less about what you grew up in, none of that bloody maters now!"
Sir John- " York! I cant believe you just said that! Unless you want to be kicked off the team.......!" 
Sir Gregory Cuts in- "John, let him say what he wish, and he's right, it doesn't mater now!"
They all here a tumble in the background! Then a Knight jumps out of no where and throws a spear into york chest! The Knight Starts to run but Robin Hood who is waiting On the tower snipes him down with an arrow!
Sir Gregory- "YORK! Are you okay!"
Sir York- "It was about time this happend! I was useless to the teams anyways!"
Sir Gregory- "York, is that really what you believe!"
Sir York- "I don't pity you for growing up in the streets, its made you a much better knight than all of us!"
Sir Gregory- "York, you'll always be a great Knight!"
Sir York doesn't reply, Sir York is dead!!!
Sir Gregory Screams!- "York!!!!!!!!"
Sir John Walks up with the body of the killer in his hands!
Sir John- "Oh it happens to be a Dragon Knight alright!
Sir John drops the dead body! 
Sir John- "oh, did he die!"
Sir Gregory- "sadly so...."
Sir John- "York, you will be cherish in our hearts forever!"


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