Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kingdoms Scene 6 Script

Characters-Robin Hood
                     Sir Gregory 
                     Guards 1+2 
                     Sir John 

Robin Hood and Sir Gregory are riding back to the castle upon there horses! They are about 1 hour riding distance when it starts to get dark! Gregory and Robin build a small camp and light a campfire and start drinking bear around it! As soon as they can recall both of them wake up and time seemed to get away from them because it is almost noon!
Robin Hood- "Ah
 Gregory, it seems we've let time slip away!"
Sir Gregory- "Indeed we have!"
Robin Hood- "Well, I few bears cant hurt us, we best be on our way back to the castle!"
Robin Hood and Sir Gregory pack up there camp and climb back upon there horses and they start off back towards the castle!
Robin Hood- "A Mate it is just right over them hill here!"(Robin Hood Points at the Hill!)
Sir Gregory- "Yeah, the king best be a waiting for us!"
They get strait over the hill but in bad sight! There castle had been ambushed! It had holes in the wall and many knights where dead!
Robin Hood- "How could they find the castle, its way out of there maps reach!"
Sir Gregory being a very smart and skill full Knight thinks back if there was any way they could have gave a clue of where it was!
Sir Gregory- "Ah! I know now! Robin Do remember yesterday when the homeless farmer came to us?"
Robin Hood- "Yeah, I do, but what are you saying?"
Sir Gregory- "Robin he asked for food, and we gave him some apples and berries!"
Robin Hood- "So! What's that to do with anything!"
Sir Gregory- "Robin what animals did he have with him!"
Robin Hood- "Uh I  think two pigs and a dog!"
Sir Gregory- "It all makes sense now! The dog he had! Thats how he found the castle!"
Robin Hood- "How?"
Sir Gregory- "He let the dog smell the apple and berries and it picked up on the sent and sense it was from are castle he sniffed it's way to us!"
Robin Hood- "So we are the ones who cause this to happen?"
Sir Gregory- "Yes Robin, thats exactly what Im saying!"
Robin Hood- "Then we best go see all that has been done!" 
They Ride down the hill to come upon the castles gate!
Sir Gregory- "Guards are you still alive?"
Guard 1- "Yes we are, the Dragon Knights invaded while you were gone, they didn't stay though, the only thing they took was the king!"
Robin Hood- "They didn't want to siege the castle, all they want is our army to go and rescue King Longsleed, I bet you a pound they have something terrible in stored for us!"
Guard 2- "Your Right, I don't know much, but whatever weapons they were using were Damn powerful!"
Sir John walks though the gate to the out side, he is missing his left arm!
Sir Gregory- "John, your arm!"
Sir John- "Don't mind that Greg, its not all that matters, what matters is we need to regroup all the Knights still alive inside the castle and make a plan to siege the Dragons!"

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